The Lizard King



Today I buried one of my best friends, abortion side kick, case confidant, sovaldi sale silent buddha, guardian and dragon. T-man never pitied the fool, his single glare could capture thousands of years of evolution and the wisdom that comes from all those centuries of survival. He cut through the smoke and mirrors and expressed only truth through his eyes. I know it sounds crazy, but he checked me on my sh*t, in a way, guided me. And even if I am crazy, and it’s all in my head, his presence still brought out the best in me.

He came home with me 11 years ago, after he had surfaced from a cloud of sand -in a tank of 10 other baby beardies- and waved at me. Twice.

I’m talking like full on 180 degree semi-circle kinda wave. I knew right then and there he was the one. The clerk at the shop told me he had a pinched nerve from swallowing a large cricket and that they couldn’t guarantee his “survival” (AKA no refunds).

Psssssh. I didn’t care, I knew he was a survivor. And sure enough he was. He outlived most at 11-1/2 years old, traveled across the country, hiked mountains,

swam in salt water pools, made friends with other species and brought joy and wonder to so many people. I am so blessed to have had such an incredible creature by my side and I’ll forever cherish his silent sagacity.

He left this plane today, wrapped in his favorites, under a beautiful Hemlock and adorned with flowers in the sunniest patch by my favorite beach. I know he’ll forever soar through infinity and his legend will live on with all those who came to know him.

May your next life bring you everything you desire my King <3







































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